What is Trademark Class 8?

What is Trademark Class 8?

Trademark Class 8 is a category of goods under the Nice Classification system. It primarily includes hand tools and implements. Class 8 encompasses a wide range of handheld tools used for various purposes. Some common examples of goods falling under Class 8 include:

  1. Hand tools and hand-operated implements.
  2. Cutlery and blades.
  3. Razors and shaving implements.
  4. Hand-operated tools for agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.
  5. Hand-operated hand tools for construction and repair.
  6. Hand-operated tools for culinary and household use.
  7. Scissors, shears, and gardening tools.
  8. Hand-operated tools for grooming and personal care.

Trademark Class 8 is specifically designated for goods related to hand tools and implements, distinguishing them from other categories of goods during the trademark registration process. When filing a trademark application, it is important to select the appropriate class(es) that accurately represent the goods or services associated with the trademark. This ensures proper identification and protection of the trademark within the relevant industry, specifically in relation to handheld tools and implements.

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