TaxFillingIndia Supports Talent and Creativity at TSFA-2023: A Night of Celebration in Hyderabad

TaxFillingIndia Supports Talent and Creativity at TSFA-2023: A Night of Celebration in Hyderabad


On the vibrant evening of February 17th, 2024, the 6th Edition of the Telugu Short Film Awards (TSFA-2023) organized by Kalaraja Media witnessed a momentous occasion, thanks to the generous sponsorship by TaxFillingIndia. The event, held at the prestigious T-Hub in Hyderabad, brought together filmmakers, artists, and film enthusiasts to celebrate the art of storytelling through short films. Srinivas Challuri, the esteemed CEO of TaxFillingIndia, graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor, showcasing the company’s commitment to supporting creativity and talent in the film industry.

A Celebration of Art and Innovation:

The TSFA-2023 event was a celebration of the rich tapestry of storytelling in Telugu cinema, honoring the vision and creativity of emerging filmmakers and artists. With TaxFillingIndia’s support, the platform provided aspiring talents with an opportunity to showcase their work, share their narratives, and connect with the vibrant film community in Hyderabad.

Srinivas Challuri’s Address as Guest of Honor:

As the Guest of Honor at TSFA-2023, Srinivas Challuri, the CEO of TaxFillingIndia, delivered an inspiring address emphasizing the importance of promoting art, culture, and creative expression in society. He commended the filmmakers for their dedication to the craft of storytelling and highlighted the role of platforms like TSFA in nurturing and recognizing emerging talent in the industry.

TaxFillingIndia’s Commitment to the Arts:

By sponsoring the 6th Edition of TSFA-2023, TaxFillingIndia reiterated its commitment to supporting the arts and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. The company’s involvement in such events not only recognizes the artistic endeavors of filmmakers but also encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship and collaboration within the film community.

Networking and Recognition:

The event at T-Hub provided a dynamic platform for filmmakers, artists, and industry professionals to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. The evening was filled with screenings of compelling short films, engaging discussions on filmmaking trends, and the recognition of outstanding talent through the presentation of the prestigious TSFA awards.


The sponsorship of the 6th Edition of TSFA-2023 by TaxFillingIndia marked a significant milestone in the celebration of creativity and talent within the Telugu film industry. The event at T-Hub in Hyderabad served as a testament to the power of storytelling and the transformative impact of art on society. Through its support for such initiatives, TaxFillingIndia continues to champion innovation, talent, and cultural diversity, contributing to the growth and development of the creative ecosystem in India. The evening at TSFA-2023 was not just a celebration of short films but a tribute to the collective imagination and artistic spirit that unites us all.

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